Introducing LambdaTest Certifications & Learning Hub

LambdaTest Certifications

  • Understand and write efficient testing code.
  • Implement Unit testing & UI automation on real websites using Selenium and different frameworks.
  • Automate different WebApps for various possible test cases.
  • Perform mobile browser testing on both Android and iOS.
  • Perform cross browser testing in parallel on cloud Selenium Grid.
  • Participants need to appear for an objective test with 40 Multiple Choice Questions and an assignment round.
  • You’ll get 45 minutes to complete the objective test, and the assignment round is deadline-based.
  • 50% weightage will be given to each: objective test and assignment round.
  • 70% of the cumulative score is required to be certified.
  • You are required to register on the LambdaTest platform to take the assignment round.

LambdaTest Learning Hub

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