Now You Can Integrate LambdaTest With zipBoard

What Is zipBoard?

LambdaTest Integration with zipBoard

Why zipBoard Is A Smart Choice For Bug Tracking?

  1. Intuitive Reviewboards — zipBoard offers different types of review board. You have one for a live website and the other for reviewing uploaded files. You can easily toggle between these review boards, capture screenshots, highlight them, and provide your valuable suggestions.
  2. Complete Transparency — Everyone working in the team can view updates and progress on different tasks assigned to different colleagues under a project. That way, you know who is doing what and how much have they done it?
  3. Real-Time Collaboration — You can comment on a task, assign it to different collaborators and they can loop in over a discussion on that task. So you can pretty much neglect the hassle of going over long e-mail chains because the discussion over the task is updated in real-time.
  4. Update Notifications — If you are assigned a task or looped in on a discussion, zipBoard ensures that you are notified through your inbox and also on your zipBoard account. You are also notified about any status change related to a task, or if a collaborator leaves the project.
  5. Visual Bug Tracking — zipBoard eliminates the need for downloading and uploading your screenshots to different places by offering a cloud that keeps them all in one space. You can review your live websites or web-applications, save a screenshot, assign it to a colleague with your comments, track the real-time progress over your UI suggestions, and get notified about the status.

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